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National Security Authority

  • is responsible for personnel and facility security clearance procedures;
  • issues personnel security clearance certificates, facility security clearance certificates and security eligibility certificates;
  • has overall competences in the area of the protection of classified information (including supervision and methodology);
  • maintains the central registry of CI and approves establishment of registries in the state bodies and in facilities;
  • approves a release of classified information internationally;
  • carries out a certification of technical means, information systems, cryptographic devices, cryptographic sites and shielded chambers;develops and approves national cipher algorithms and creates a national cryptographic protection policy;issues security standards on the protection of classified information;
  • performs tasks of National Ditsribution Agency, National Communication Security Agency, National TEMPEST Agency, National Information System Security Agency
  • is responsible for recognition of personnel and facility security clearances.
  • is competent national authority for the cyber security issues
  • through its National Cyber Security Center operates GOVCERT
  • operates National PRS Center which acts as Competent PRS Authority in accordance with Decision No 1104/2011/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on the rules for access to the public regulated service provided by the global navigation satellite system established under the Galileo programme


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